About Impact

We desire to make the greatest IMPACT possible


Impact Ukraine is a DBA of Impact World Change, Inc., a 501 (c)(3) based in Baxter, Minnesota. IMPACT provides new and existing ministries administrative support by guiding them to legal and financial confidence so that they can fulfill God’s purpose that is placed on each ministry leader’s life. We partner with individuals passionate about ministry such as the Willmar Team listed below.

Willmar, MN Team

Our Willmar Team has a deep-rooted history in Ukraine. We have collectively visited Ukraine over 60 times over a 20-year span and we all claim a part of Ukraine as our home. Over these years, team members have been in partnerships and served on various Minnesota-based Ukraine ministries and organizations such as Love Lift Ukraine, Converge North Central, Shepard’s Foundation, Camp Maximum, and Refuge Church in Willmar, MN.

Dawn Marcus

Annette Benson

Nadia Vovchenko

Sasha Vovchenko

Olena Surmach