Church Plant Support

The Christian Businessperson and the Church

We’re committed to supporting missionally minded churches until every people group and community has heard the gospel. We support churches that plant new churches to see lives changed with Christ’s love and truth. While we are open to working with many churches, we have chosen to partner with The Journey North Church of Baxter, MN as our primary church relationship because they provide a clear pathway for planting new churches and campuses. They’ve created proven strategies, systems, and training all designed to improve the success of church planters so that more people will have the opportunity to accept Jesus.

We believe that businessmen have a responsibility to support the work of the local church. Unfortunately, both success and failure tend to alienate the businessman from the church. Historically, success has decreased the church involvement of the businessman. Successful small businessmen are more prone to engage in peripheral quasi-church activities than in direct church involvement, especially when a relatively secure level of retirement has been achieved. While it is true that the alienation of the businessman from his church is largely self-imposed, oftentimes it is because the church only views a businessman as a financial resource to draw from. Not only does the church lose much from the alienation of the businessman, but it is also true that the businessman loses the help and guidance they need from the church. We hope to foster a healthy relationship between the business community and the church.